I love this homework

Sounds crazy, right? Especially, for me. I had a great work ethic in high school – buckled down and got the A no matter what the subject. First semester freshman year of college – same.  Somehow, I blossomed from an obedient kid to an adult leader… and my homework ethic jumped ship (more on that later).

loved all the homework I worked on… It was fun. It was interesting. It was fulfilling.

Sunday was amazing: I worked on my thesis for a couple hours in the morning, went to a great networking brunch with PFresh, had some relaxation time before work, spent the full 3 hours at work on my section of a Philosophy of Science presentation, met with that presentation group,  went to mass, then edited a super fun video for a group project in Conflict Management until 4 a.m.

Monday continued well: I understood the basics of what was happening in MND, had a good conversation with my group members (friends? work friends? solid acquaintances?) in Conflict Management, saw some great stuff in Animation lab, then took a couple hours to workshop ideas for my Animation final project.

  • Let’s break this down
    • Thesis 🙂
      • My thesis is about Walt Disney World and I could not be happier about that. I wish I could quit all my accounting classes and my leadership positions in clubs and just focus on that all the time. I’m writing on the conceptual development, financial stability (cost of construction and profitability), and consumer reception of immersive WDW theme parks – Magic Kingdom and EPCOT. I’m reading transcripts of quarterly report conferences, a ton of books, and hopefully I’ll write a grant to go to Disney World.
    • Philosophy of Science: Genetic Determinism section of paper on Sociobiology and Evolutionary Theory
      • This class has a presentation and two individual papers. My first individual paper is on genetic determinism (I realized after that my presentation was also on this (I’m suspicious of whether he assigned this to my group on purpose)). Genetic determinism is the idea that you inherit your behaviors and that those behaviors are expressions of your genes. Scientists hate it, sociologists love it. haha. I don’t know if it’s right or wrong or if it matters at all, but I don’t have to argue that yet. My professor says my final paper can be about it too – and I can argue that it doesn’t matter for science at all – isn’t that bananas?!?! It’s just such  a fun topic to talk about.
    • Philosophy Group Meeting
      • I’m horrible at making friends in class – horrible – so you cannot understand how much I appreciate falling into this group. We had to choose our groups – usually the worst feeling in the world, for me. This just fell into place. We happened to sit around each other and they’re such awesome, down-to-Earth girls. They’re like me. They’re confident and open and nonjudgmental and just cool. I didn’t realize until this past weekend that one’s a sophomore, one’s a junior, and neither of them would have guessed that I’m a senior. We all work so well together and get along so well. So happy about it.
    • Conflict Management video
      • I was blessed with this group, too. I couldn’t be best friends with these people like the Philosophy group, but they are REALLY good people and AWESOME to work with. We had to choose our groups for this too – and me and the other person who talks too much in class were brought in by this group of two friends who needed more people.
      • We didn’t want to write an essay, so we made a cheesy video acting out conflicts corresponding with the conflict models we studied in class.
      • It was quick to shoot and a BLAST to put together – I got to use Aly & AJ , The Beatles, Simple Plan, and Kid Cudi (I don’t know why I had that mp3 on my computer… I can’t explain).
      • Here it is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3yqKC0Tdm4
    • Animation
      • Yes, I’m actually taking a class in which 90% of my grade is drawing and messing with softwares that allow me to animate silly short films. It’s the best thing ever and I cannot draw anything but snails so I really want to use snails in my final project. I also want to use color – which is a bad idea because that makes the whole project more difficult – but I really really want to use color because it’s going to look so much better. I am so inspired and excited by this class.

None of it was accounting… and this is not a coincidence.

Photo caption: Beautiful flowers I saw outside of DPAC before Animation class


(Conceptualized October 3, 2016 (Written later))

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