Got up at 7 am today: WIN

To take my time showering/choosing outfits/REALLY drying hair/doing makeup for senior photos after my

Philosophy of Science group meeting at 9 am. Made it on time: WIN

You already know I love this project and I get along with my group members. It was a great meeting – the other girls did great work AND we figured out there were a couple issues, so we ended up making the presentation even better.

Right after I brought a suitcase of outfits/props EARLY to my senior photos: WIN

The check-in lady was so so nice and we ended up accidentally chatting a bit.

My photographer was AWESOME: WIN

and we chatted about life and the douchebags in LA and she played music and was super helpful and creative with my photos. She even let me use an additional outfit.

My outfits were

  1. Sea foam green lace dress (love – so vintagey) with white cardigan
  2. Copyright infringement Inside Out “Memories” pattern dress (my senior year… memories dress… so perfect) and holding my big, fancy Imagineering book that I have for my thesis.
  3. My favorite ND sweatshirt, my Disney backwards snap back, my pfresh bracelet & pfresh mug (YAYYYYYY) She was so cool with this. She made the poses fun and natural.
  4. Gown. Which I feel like I looked pretty darn decent in. Those things are not meant to be fashionable.

All outfits rightly included fake diamond disney earrings (the ears).

Ate breakfast food: WIN

Watched New Girl season 5 finale and cried: WIN

Made a couple great last minute changes to our group presentation thanks to Google Docs: WIN

Had an absolute BLAST presenting… love this topic. There was a short tense moment where someone brought up ADHD/Mental Disorders and I handled it carefully, then some sassy chick with strong opinions raised her hand and said something that I didn’t quite understand because it sounded, to me, like she contradicted herself. So I said “uhhh I don’t really understand the question.” And she said “it’s not, it’s a statement” and everyone laughed. I don’t know if they were laughing at me or her, but she was clearly the sassy one. But then I said “oh.. uh, do you want a response?” Which could’ve been seen as VERY sassy, so I tried to save it and said “no no I mean I didn’t understand” then I tried to paraphrase what she said. She clarified, the professor clarified, Meg said we don’t quite have the background info on what she was saying, we both told her it’s interesting info, and I’m pretty sure no one looked bad. Then the professor asked a couple questions (we’d been emailing him the last few days and he kept saying we’re doing an excellent job) and we had some COMPLETE answers 🙂 which doesn’t happen in this class. I don’t know if they were good but 100% better than the answers we, as a student body, usually give to his questions.

Then another group went, they were good. I was the only one to ask a question. You’re welcome, guys. They all looked at me half the time – I know. I’m one of the only people to ever give eye contact to presenters/professors. I’m used to this now. I’m fine with it – it’s like everyone’s talking directly to me. Nothing wrong with that.

Class let out 10 minutes early. Both groups stayed after for feedback. The first thing the professor said was “You were both excellent so you’ll both get max points.” Yep. We both got 100%.


From our group, he really liked my discussion on determinism (yay) and was also really impressed with Meg’s background (it was only 3 slides and 5 minutes but she rocked it. So jam packed with info). Andrea was great too (nervous, but great). Go team!

The presentation was supposed to be 25 minutes long plus an additional 10 for Q&A (long). We went a couple minutes over (I’m a chatterbox – especially about this topic) and they went 10 minutes under, but both got As because Professor Ratti is a good professor.

It shouldn’t matter if you’re precisely in time limit if you have a powerful, information-filled, well-presented, interesting project that fulfills our education and communication requirements.

Oh, Professor Ratti is new to the Philosophy department at Notre Dame. Actually, he’s also new to America. He moved from Italy about a month before school started.

He has a nose ring, wears jeans, Vans, and V-necks all the time with floppy hair.

Only in Philosophy… lol.

Then I went to audit & actually had some meaningful participation (win).

Got the world’s best hot chocolate at Waddick’s AND got a booth (only 3, always full). WIN

AND MY WONDERFUL LATINO SCIENCE NERD (my boyfriend) arrives on campus tonight!


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