Ohhhhhh I wanna dance with somebody

“I Wanna Dance With Somebody” Whitney Houston (1987)

So last night was SO AWESOME!!!! Actually, this whole weekend was awesome. I’m going to say the weekend started Thursday night, because my last class of the week ended Thursday at 5 p.m.

Anthony got in Thursday night, – met me after work – straight to colleen’s thing, flips, hangout in huddle with colleen & brenna

Friday afternoon, he met me at DPAC after my thesis meeting (which was great – I love my thesis. I love that Lesley skyped in – she’s a page in New York now (Just like Ken from 30 Rock) I was the only one to ask her questions, but that’s fine – she gave great advice. I’m totally gonna reach out to her at some point. I was talking too much during the meeting, but I always hope that people appreciate that I participate so they don’t have to – I keep class flowing. We were sharing a couple struggles, I shared my issues balancing classes I hate and the thesis and Sam Squeri (a friend I met in my Disney class) totally had my back – other people told me to just drop the class – haha. Later, I made a plug for the LA career trek (because it was amazing) and I thought people would think I was stupid… but TWO PEOPLE came up to me after the meeting and asked to get lunch with me. One kid said he wanted to “pick my brain” and get my notes from the trek. I felt so senior-like, imparting my wisdom upon the next generation) and then he got to come to the animation lab with me while I finished up an assignment – super fun. Super high tech – he loves that stuff.

^ That was a fun parentheses nest 🙂

  • Practice
    • So successful… PFresh hasn’t had a set ready to be cleaned so fast… ever? People are stressed, but the young’uns don’t realize that we have all the sets ready for cleaning THREE WEEKS EARLY. So great.
    • Anthony was able to come to practice – awesome. I was practicing Rachel’s choreo (“Partition” Beyonce) and I got to look over and see him, Isaiah, and Jamie chatting. I love how much everyone in PFresh likes him.
    • Rachel had a melt down
      • Rachel is my mini-me. I have an endless amount of faith in her and I can’t wait to see her succeed. She’s had a rough time, which I totally get. We talked for a half hour in the girl’s bathroom (classic) about life and friends and stresses. I was SO GLAD I was able to help! Even though I never ever tell someone I know what they’re going through (a lot of people are offended by that sort of thing (“you’re not me – you’ll never know”) but it turns out that I was able to offer her a good amount of comfort because we HAVE been through similar things. I really really want to be her friend – close friend, but I’m not sure how.


  • Skyzone
      • Skyline is a trampoline park – super awesome.
      • PFresh set up an event, then almost everyone bailed, then 11 people showed up.
      • Me and Anthony showed up in our SYR costumes – awesome
      • It was “Glowzone” so there was blacklight everywhere
      • Anthony is AMAZING at flips. He can do a ton of cool stuff. I couldn’t have a camera in there, and even if I could, it was so dark with the blacklight that I wouldn’t have been able to get good footage. He does back tucks round off flips and crazy scarecrow-looking things and super super high cannon ball type tucks. So awesome. Some local kids were chatting with him and showing them what they could do and asking him to do different tricks. It was admittedly adorable.
      • I can jump high and do toe-touches and C-jumps… that’s all I got. Poms taught me that much. Just that.
      • STILL SO FUN 🙂
      • There’s also dodge ball, trampoline dunk competitions, and opportunities to trampoline into foam pits. Plenty of fun.

Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 12.05.43 AM.png

  • Dance: Cavanaugh’s SYR – 90s Theme
    • Our outfits
      • PJ and Spinelli from Recess (1997-2001) TV show
      • Anthony went to Plato’s closet bargain-hunting
        • (Plato’s closet is the fanciest most high-end thrift store ever (suggested by me, of course))
      • Anthony
        • Columbia jacket – Plato’s Closet $25, totally will wear again
        • Red hat (49ers but we don’t care about that) – Plato’s Closet $6
        • white t-shirt – had
        • light flex jeans – had
        • red converse – had
      • Ashley
        • leather jacket, same exact style as Spinelli – Plato’s Closet $8
        • combat boots – Plato’s Closet $25, worth it, I’ll wear it again
        • red t-shirt dress – Amazon prime, $17
        • orange/white stripe one-size-fits-most leggings – Amazon Prime $?
          • I didn’t know what the colors were – but I got close enough!
        • orange hat – KYLE CAME IN CLUTCH!! IT WAS PERFECT!
      • This picture was taken by my best friend Aimee Wu at Glowzone before we left for the dance
      • Anthony is the best dance partner I could ever ask for
      • ohhh I wanna dance with somebody (flip out, spin in, flip out, circle with hands behind heads, jumped up perfect time, swing move left, then right – APPLAUSE)
        • Seriously…. people ACTUALLY APPLAUDED. And yes, I curtsied.
      • Come Clean by Hillary Duff – went so hard, my song, so great, jumped up on rain – he through me high enough to catch my legs and spin me while my arms were spread out and back arched so I looked toward the sky as if there was rain – my dream come true
        • slang alert: “went so hard” means that we danced our hearts out, we did our best, we had so much fun, we put so much effort into our dance
      • Bye Bye Bye – he killed it. I am dating a backstreet boy.
      • Man I feel like a woman – I killed it
      • Cotton Eyed Joe – both killed it
        • ALL of Cavanaugh followed a couple people doing a line dance. I was so proud of my dorm. *Happy tears*
      • Some kinda storm song – my hands in my pockets & did line jumps because I thought that was appropriate – he took a video
        • Point is, he still loved me, even with the line jumps
      • We did a lot of actually good fun dance moves – we only lame danced (little jumps, stay right at home) when we were very tired
      • They played Blue Da Ba Dee Da Ba Dai
      • There were some spanish beats which are always fun for us because we bachata and salsa and whatever other dances I’ve been trying to learn from him


Saturday – I wrote an essay (4 days early) in 5 hours. I also did our MND (Measurement & Disclosure) case AND attempted to begin studying.

Sunday – We went shopping for Aimee with Colleen & Austin (SO MUCH HILARIOUS FUN AT FIVE BELOW & TARGET) then went to Log Chapel Mass with Badin – very special.

(Initially written October 8th, 2016)

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