Triplets of Belleville

This was cool.

I was required to go to this event by my Animation class because it’s an animated film. It was in French, the music was really fun, the animation was super awkward, the story was terrifying (watch for yourself) but the event… the event concept was amazing.

The composer of the score was there with his whole band. The stage was covered in different instruments and props. They played the whole soundtrack right in front of us, there on the stage. They used pianos, horns, saxophones, etc. It was very jazzy – loved it. But it was more than that… they had rugs & newspapers & a bike onstage. They made music with the props. A few of the guys got up on the rug and took steps and clapped to make one set of beats, while another guy played the bike wheel percussion-style.

Even if I didn’t love the film, watching the composer create the score before your eyes was really something special.


(Experienced September 19, 2016)

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