Let’s catch you up

Fall break ended.

PFresh  – and the new choreographers are having breakdowns. I had three 30-minute conversations with people feeling stepped on, disrespected, hurt, and rushed.

Welcome to show week.

It’s ALSO the week before the concession stand – THE WORST DAY OF EVERY YEAR OF COLLEGE. BAR NONE. And our concession stand commissioner has once again dropped the ball (me and Aimee had to save the concession stand last year). But this time, it’s been even worse. THREE MAJOR DEADLINES PASSED and Me, Aimee, Esther, and AJ were all emailing and messaging each other WHILE ALL 3 OF US WERE IN CLASS to repair the damage.

Thursday morning – at work – did some more damage control. Dangit we are GOING to survive. We are. That’s what I’m here for.

I have been watching SO MUCH JANE THE VIRGIN. Which is a beautiful and wonderful TV show that I’ve been watching on Netflix. But I’ve spent too much time on it… 14.5 hours since Monday, actually…

I’m stressing hardcore about my thesis. I don’t know if I even have an argument and the second book I started makes no sense to me… sigh.

It’s not been a great time…

I want to go to back to the perfection that was fall break. What a beyond perfect staycation.

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