Concession stand weekend

Concession stand day is always the worst day of the year for me. There are some pretty bad days, but this is always the worst. It’s stressful to prepare for, it’s stressful to live through the day, and it’s stressful to count the money afterward. This is our one big fundraiser. If we don’t make enough money, the PFresh show either can’t happen, or is no longer a charity event. Both would ruin the biggest and most important PFresh event of the year – arguably ruining PFresh itself.

We survived. Barely. We will have a show, and it will give to charity. Our expense number is greater than our profits, which is a pain, but we profited $840 (expenses $1000, revenue $1840) so we’re fine. Some of it was no one’s fault – the spot we were assigned for the stand was not as profitable.

2014 – I ran the concession stand as concession stand commissioner. It was a pain in the butt – but our profit was over $1000.

2015 – Our concession stand commissioner was in Ireland the day of the concession stand and quite a few of the things he bought were wrong – I overbought the year before, so it was fine. Me & Aimee saved the stand in the last few days/the day of.

2016 – Our concession stand commissioner did almost nothing she was responsible for before the day of the stand. I did damage control & worked with Aimee and a couple other responsible board members to clean up the mess. She did very very well the day of and she bought the right stuff the day before.

Basically, 2015 concession commissioner before the weekend of + 2016 concession commissioner on the weekend of = a full concessions commissioner.

It is over. I am happy.

Since October last year, I’ve said “I’m going to be so sad that it’s my senior year. Except the concession stand – super happy I’ll never have to do that again.” Always. When anyone said “will you miss it? Are you sad?” I’ve said “yeah, except the concession stand. Good riddance!”

Black Images

Black Images is almost always the first big show of the year for PFresh. This year, Black Images was THE DAY BEFORE THE CONCESSION STAND. NOT. IDEAL.

People were stressed – typical. There’s never any time – typical. Their vision isn’t being realized – what ? Excuse me? Your vision? Suck it up. This is not about you and your vision. I don’t have time for you and your vision. I have time to make sure we have a full freaking performance by the time we get onstage in front of a crowd like we promised we would have. I’m not sorry if it’s not “your vision.”

What I actually did was take time out of my schedule to really listen to the new choreographers and their complaints. I validated their feelings. I was firm about time and struggle and how it will never be easy. I offered solutions and a dedication to further communication.

I’m freakin’ Madame President.

And we survived. And we did well.

We didn’t win – which made people sad. We won the last 2 years (3 years? Maybe 3 years. I know we won freshman year. I know we won last year. We may have won my sophomore year, too) Kat (our advisor) felt we should have won, which is sweet – but ultimately, we don’t need to win. I hope people realize that we don’t need to win.

I’m so embarrassed & regretful that I told people that Kat thought we should’ve won & I’m not saying anything, but I’m not saying that it DIDN’T factor in that we won the last 2 years… I feel gross for saying that. I feel like a terrible leader. I’m never going to do that again.

Then again, we won’t be in any competition again. But that’s gonna stick with me. I’m not competitive like that. There was no reason for that. I’m ashamed of it – and I want you to know that I’m ashamed of it.

If we didn’t deserve it, we didn’t deserve it. And that’s ok.

Dance to express – not to impress. Dance for fun – not to be the best.

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