Madame President

I’m President of PFresh. I thought that meant that I had to be in every piece, be everyone’s best friend, be the disciplinarian, be the one with the vision, be the one who everything falls on if no one else does it.

But you know what – that’s not what our previous presidents were.

Freshman year: There were co-presidents, but 3 other seniors were also heavily involved taking on full-responsibility roles in their given areas.

Sophomore year: Jasmine’s board was self-sufficient, for the most part. We got things done. She handled the shows and we handled the lifeblood of the group.

Junior year: AJ did nearly nothing. He wasn’t in all the pieces, he barely choreographed, he goofed off during practice & was a bad influence on the new kids. I did the presidential stuff.

Senior year: I get to decide. What have I done so far? I’m the disciplinarian, I’m the one you can count on for damage control. I don’t come to every practice, I’m not in every piece, I’m not best friends with everyone, but I am friendly with everyone. I’m in charge. You can trust me to do my best – I’m not perfect, so I screw up, but when I screw up, it’s small. I offer solutions. I offer ideas. I offer a realistic perspective. I offer backup plans. I defend people.

You know what, I might not be the most perfect president – but it’s election day and no one’s really truly happy with our candidates. No one’s really ever been super happy with the president except JFK – but he didn’t have much time to screw it up.

So no, I’m not perfect. No one’s perfect. But so far, I’m good. And I plan to continue to be good – not perfect.

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