My Last Class Christmas


I signed up for classes one last time at Notre Dame…


Class Christmas: Picking classes always feels like Christmas to me. I love taking classes. I love sifting through hundreds of classes offered to figure out which ones I can fit in my schedule. There is the joy of being excited to intellectually discuss certain topics with a new perspective, there is pain when I find that a class that seemed really interesting is at the same time as one of my required classes. There is devastation in not getting into a class and triumph when a seat opens up.

I love picking classes. Each time class search updates with the classes for next year, I eagerly shop around for hours and hours and hours, creating excel documents to help me prep for the fateful morning when I will have less than 5 seconds to make it into all my preferred classes – whether they’re part of Plan A, Plan B, etc.


Because of how crazy stressful audit and Asian Allure has been in the past couple weeks, I had put off my class shopping until the night before DARTing.

Quick History Lesson: DART = Direct Access Registration by Telephone, the old term for the old way students signed up for classes at Notre Dame – literally by calling and inputting the numerical codes of the class you wanted. The system has been online for a long time but the name changed this year to “NOVO” which is less fun. “DART” is fun because everyone’s darting a fast as they can to get the classes they want at the times they want.

As soon as I began class shopping, I was so excited and happy and overwhelmed by how much I loved this process and

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