Well, breakfast food.

Tonight was perfect. We had a wine night at Colleen’s just chatting with Colleen and Aimee. Anthony was also there, not drinking, kind of napping on the futon – but no one minds. Austin’s in the same boat semi-often. It was a wonderful, chatty time.

We headed over to AJ, Riwan, & Henri’s where we all played Mafia – a fun middle-school/high school theatre game in which people pull cards and are either the doctor, the mafia, the cop, or the civilian. Everyone closes their eyes while one friend directs the mafia to open their eyes, silently decide who they want to kill, close their eyes, doctor opens eyes, decides who he wants to save, closes his eyes, etc. If the doctor happens to save the same person the Mafia tried to kill, the person survives. If not, the targeted person is out of the game. Then, the civilians (and mafia/doctor/cop undercover) accuse someone of being the mafia until they reach a decision. Once this targeted person is out of the game, we learn whether that person was ever in the mafia.

How great is it, that a bunch of college students, came together and played an acting game together? No drinking. Just some good, clean, mafia fun.

It hit 3 am, and I looked at Anthony and said, “Pancakes?”

Aimee heard me across the room and said “Pancakes?” She smirked and said, “Pancakes, though?” Then we look at Colleen and say, “Pancakes?”

I freakin’ love my friends. It’s 3 am on a Saturday. We just played a fun game with our friends in their apartment, and then me, Aimee, Anthony, Colleen and Isaiah went out to breakfast at a local diner. Funnily enough, no one got pancakes – but the skillets were excellent.

This was one of my proudest moments. I have these friends who choose games and pancakes over drinking, drugs, and casual sex.

Love thee, Notre Dame.

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