Flashback to when people said “you’re a beast”

Facebook recently started sending out notifications saying “you have memories with…” listing some friends. You click on the notification, and it takes you to a page within Facebook with a few posts you made on this date in prior years. I think they’re tons of fun. Especially when I compare the stupid way I posted on social media when I was a tween to how my tween cousin posts on social media. Spoiler alert: It’s the exact same.

Over five years ago, people used the “notes” function on Facebook. This is an extended post that works kind of like a Word document within Facebook. Just like fb today, there were templates that people sent around, becoming sort of “mini-viral post templates.”

I found a fun one dated December 1, 2010. 6 years ago. I was 15.

Please enjoy, “What I think of you (= the alphabet thing lol”


Type the letter in your search box and answer the questions about the FIRST person who shows up TRUTHFULLY. ūüôā


A.  Abby Gleason

1) Do you love this person?of course! ‚̧

2) Is this person your enemy? unless im missing something…?

3) When is the last time you saw this person? choir (=


B. Bobby Volpendesta

1) What do you really think of this person? funny, incredibly talented, good to talk to – but super confusing lol

2) What’s their favorite colors? blue…?

3) Have you seen this person within the last week? yup! saw him today at Huntley 100!


C. Joe Cristo

1) Do you know this person? yup

2) Did this person have a crush on you? uh yeah lol

3) Do you know the same people? quite a few! =D


D. Maggie Daly

1) How long have you known him/her? since 7th grade!

2) Biggest regret? not staying in closer contact with her since she left 3

3) Do you hate this person? NEVER! i love mags!!(=


E. Emiy Rose

1) Have u ever met their parents? yep. the day i was born. lol. legit!

2) Worst thing about this person? she cant control her bowling ball ūüėČ

3) Best thing about this person? everything? lol. she’s an awesome cousin/friend/writer/bowler?/and more


F. Ashley Foster

1) Has this person ever made fun of you? probably – but not to be mean lol

2) When is the next time you will see him/her? no clue

3) Does this person love you? of course ūüėČ


G. Pete Gorski

1) Are they a good listener? fantastic!!

2) Have you ever lied to this person? no way

3) Is this person funny? definitely XD pete’s awesome!


H. Taylor Hilbrant

1) What grade are they in? mine (=

2) Is he/she your friend? BESTIES!!

3) Something you have in common? we’re blonde, we sing in gym/the hallways, we’re loud, need i go on? lol


I. Ryan Ingrassia

1) How’d you two meet? chinese in 8th grade

2) Any siblings? i think so. a sister?

3) Have you done something sexual with them? nope


J. Jordan Stringer

1) Do they have any siblings? yep

2) Do they like to dance? i think so! =D

3) What would you do if they confessed they liked you? hmm… she’s straight – so no need to worry bout that! lol


K. Katlyn Luebke

1) How old were you when you first met? oh gosh, idr, 6th grade? elementary school?

2) What’s his/hers pets name? i’ll think of one later lol

3) Love this person? sure! she’s cool


L.  Dylan Ladd

1) Is this person older than you? pshhhh yeah =P

2) How do you know them? school, theatre, jersey kids ;D

3) How many times do you talk to them in a week? like 2 or 3 now that the show is over =(


M.  Marek Makowski

1) What would you do if you had never met this person? i wouldn’t be who i am today…

2) Do you like him/her as a friend? no doubt! =D

3) Would you go to Disneyworld with this person? hahah that would be awesome!


N. Nikk Ybarra

1) Is this person your boyfriend/girlfriend? … he’s my dad…

2) Have you seen this person cry? nope

3) Do you miss them? yes!! but i saw him twice today! haha


O. OMO!!!!!

1) Are you related? nope

2) When is the last time you saw this person? afterschool at Huntley 100 ;D

3) What school do they go to? HHS baybayyyyy!


P.  Carissa Polo

1) When did you meet them? Pure as the driven snow ‚̧

2) Would you have a sleepover with them? been there, done that! lol

3) Does this person have a job? does babysitting count? lol


Q. Quirkie!! (=

1) What classes do you have with him/her? none!

2) Does he/she have a good personality? the best =)

3) What’s his/her best quality? he’s hilarious & a great friend when you need one


R. Ryan Tharp

1) When will you see this person next?  in the nook or chemistry tomorrow!

2) Does this person have any siblings? yep

3) Describe them in one word. fun (=


S. Sydney Maggio

1) What kinds of music do they like? lotsa stuff! dance music mostly i think. she’s got good taste

2) Do you consider him/her a friend? you betcha! ‚̧

3) Have you ever spent the night with them? sometime im sure


T. Stephani Rose Tucci

1) Have you heard this person sing? haha yep (=

2) Do you think this person will repost this? probably not

3) When does this person look best? like all the time! she’s so pretty


U. Brendon Urban

1) Funniest moment with this person? newspaper…? lol

2) When did you meet them? newspaper! =D

3) Do you like this person as a friend? sure! lol.


V.  Vickie Choin

1) Do they have a crush on you? nope

2) Would you hug this person? all the time!

3) Is this person your friend? yep! (=



W. Jake Wagner

1) Is this person loud or quiet? i dont really know, i guess loud?

2) Describe this person? athletic

3) What color eyes does this person have? not sure. brown?


X. Dom Xavier Blake

1) Is this person close to you? nope

2) Have you told this person a secret about you? nope

3) Favorite place to go with this person?¬†¬†dont even know him – he’s not my friend on fb


Y. Tarun Yandamuri

1) Does this person wear make-up? not that i know of XD

2) Does this person play any sports? does academic team count? ;D

3) Is this person smart? sure is! LOL


Z. Zach Polentini

1) When was the last time you saw this person? too long ago 3

2) Does this person have a boyfriend/girlfriend? i dont think so

3) Is he/she lactose intolerant? dont think so! XD


I think it’d be fun to give you some background on these people…

A.¬† Abby Gleason – Best friend for years, though she never stuck up for me and wouldn’t include me if it meant she had 4 boys all her to herself. Everything that came out of her mouth was from tumblr or a movie or something – nothing seemed original except her love of theatre. We talked through half of college, but as soon as I got busy with school and she dropped out, she stopped talking to me. Every few months, I try to reach out to her – she never replies. I bumped into her once the summer after sophomore year and we got lunch, but didn’t have much to talk about. She transferred to SIU, dropped theatre, and I’m not sure if she’s in any clubs. Since then, no interaction. I went to one of her shows with Project 2 (it’s still around) and she actually avoided me. Like I walked up, said “great show! I got your CD!” and she smirked half-heartedly and turned away from me. Yeah, she wasn’t a fantastic friend, but she was a good one! We really did run the theatre/speech program. We were THE girls. The queens of a kingdom of roughly 50 people… so that’s not bad. We sounded so great together when we sang. We had some really wonderful memories. She may not have been the perfect friend, but she was there. We were a powerful unit. It was fun. It was fun being best friends with her. I really do wish we could sit down and be friendly acquaintances… Here’s hoping for the future.

B. Bobby Volpendesta – I was never sure whether we were friends or not. I liked him though. Good guy.

C. Joe Cristo – First high school boyfriend. Did a lot of drugs. Brilliant, tortured artist. Actually changed my life by asking me whether I did things because I was told to do them, or because I wanted to, whether I believed things because I was told they were right, or because I believed they were right. He was weirdly always really mean and really nice to me. He made me feel special. But also crazy druggie. Got kicked out of college for possession. Then started a poetry degree at a different school. Cross-dresses now. His band seems to be doing all right.

D. Maggie Daly – Best friend in middle school. Brought me to the friends that would get me through 8th grade and freshman year of high school. After freshman year, she got into a fancy math boarding school called IMSA. I visited her once to see her choir concert. Her dad and I drove up. He has a pony tail. We listened to a Barenaked Ladies album (hey’re a sweet, fun, poppy band – they’re misnamed). There were cool sculptures you can walk through in the class building. And that was the last I saw of her. Still follow her on facebook though. She’s killing it at Boston College. (Known as BC, ND affectionately calls them “Backup College” because rival Catholic schools). Oh, she’s very Irish. Crazy good Irish dancer.

E. Emiy Rose – That’s my cousin. You know about her.

F. Ashley Foster – She was crazy. Such a wonderfully sweet girl. She was part of “Topic” the kids webshow Mom produced for a while. She had a segment where she answered the phone and said “Jellooooo it’s Joannaaa” and it was hilarious.

G. Pete Gorski ¬†– He was salutatorian of our high school class. I had a crush on him for a while, but he found out and was kind of a jerk about it. We texted about Farmville for a while freshman year and that’s about it. He always looked hunched over… like Quasimodo but without the hump.

H. Taylor Hilbrant – She was a sweetie. We drifted after freshman year. I heard some stories about her in college and how the pressure of state school stereotypes took a toll on her. I blame the school pressure, not her. She’s too awesome. It reminded me how glad I am that I go to a Catholic University.

I. Ryan Ingrassia – He’s basically Emmy’s best friend now. He’s also in love with her.

J. Jordan Stringer – She’s my mortal enemy. Why? Eh, because I guess I need one. She hated me because she wanted Joe. Then she wanted Abby’s boyfriend, Chris. Then one drunken night last year, she really¬†got him. With some coercing, he told Abby and they’re still together. I’m not a fan of Chris anymore. So, she’s not at all my mortal enemy. She hated me a little, but we never really talked throughout high school.

K. Katlyn Luebke – Abby’s best friend. We never talked except for our birthday, which is the same day. We’re birthday buddies!

L.¬† Dylan Ladd – My real mortal enemy. First guy to make me cry. Used and abused me in more ways than one. Brought me to the lowest level my insecurity will ever hit. Constantly condescended me, making me feel stupid and unlovable. All because I was the only one in our little group that would stand up to him, show any leadership. I hate him and how he treats people. His walls are so thick, I don’t even think he knows who he really is.¬†Also, I think he’s gay. Embarrassing that the first guy I cried over was gay.

M.  Marek Makowski РHe was a sweetie. I think he had a crush on me. He would drive me to school sometimes and get me apple strudel. Gave me advice a couple times. Moved on quickly. Became the most successful writer in all of Huntley journalism, went to the best journalism school in the nation, dropped journalism, now he writes novels and talks about how narrative is nothing compared to the power of truth. We chatted on the train on the way to work in Chicago one morning during my internship last summer.

N. Nikk Ybarra – He’s Puerto Rican. He wrote a song about me. He wanted to date me, but it never happened. His mom was a clown and he frequently brought balloons to school and made swords and balloon animals. Then he became a pastor. We got breakfast once and he gave me books on staying pure while in college (“University of Destruction” was one title – I still have it). A couple years ago he got married and now he’s a dad! So sweet.

O. OMO!!!!! – She is a track athlete in college and is honestly the most beautiful spokesperson for black women embracing themselves, their culture, and their power. No one has more beautiful hair than Omo. This is just from facebook, though. We didn’t talk much in high school and haven’t talked since.

P.¬† Carissa Polo – Became really good friends with her. Then we became estranged. She’s on her way to being Instagram famous. I got to see her theatre on ice show – awesome. She’s a producer at a local news station in Minneapolis and I’m so happy for her. She’s also an internet spokesperson for body positivity, mental health, etc.

Q. Quirkie!! (= – He’s a weird kid. We were friends, he became best friends with Abby, he would yell at me for making Abby mad sometimes. He was a weird, weird kid. Brilliant, but dark and didn’t do his homework. Had a speech impediment but walked around like Barney Stinson and people bought it. He had a weird, dark, sex thing though – he’d talk about all the girls he’d slept with but also how tortured he was inside. Only a couple times he talked about that stuff. Other than that, he was a pompous kid. Good heart, though. Little acts of kindness and stuff.

R. Ryan Tharp – I dated him for a month at the end of sophomore year.¬†Varsity track and football, smart classes, crazy afro but he was white. He bought me muffins and we studied together in the mornings sometimes. In “the nook” which was a short hallway in between the main hallway and the courtyard where he, Joe, and 20 of their best friends would hangout every morning before first period. He once told me that he grew his nails out and clipped¬†them into points so he could dig his nails into the opposing team while blocking in football. I thought it was going to be nice, I pursued him. He was really, really boring, though. No spark. Nothin’. It was so awkward. I avoided him for much of our relationship and broke up with him after 3 weeks.

S. Sydney Maggio – We carpooled to hip hop classes at Jennifer McCarthy dance studio (mostly an Irish dance studio, and a couple hip hop classes, weird combo, I know) during middle school. There was a pet shop next to the dance studio we often walked into while waiting for our ride. That was the shop we bought Kodiak from! Later she dated Ryan Tharp for a while and there were plenty of rumors about the two of them in the back of a pickup truck. Just last month, I offered to call her boss so I could help train her at her new job (she’s a phone salesperson). I was happy to help!

T. Stephani Rose Tucci – Her story’s really interesting. She’s much of the reason why I hate tumblr so much now… because her blog was the poster child for how tumblr was and¬†should be.¬†In middle school, she made out WITH TONGUE in the middle of the hallway with her scary-looking 6th grade boyfriend. From middle school through maybe part of high school, she dated Mitch Andros. He was a sweetie with a ton of confidence and the same amount of acne. In high school, she wrote an awesome blog about her journey to sobriety. She talked a little about her addictions in the past (remember, she was only 15 or 16 while writing this blog… so this is insane and important stuff she’s disclosing). She talked about AA and celebrated each coin she got for a new milestone in sobriety – sober for a week, a month, a year, etc. I think she uploaded a video or an audio clip with her singing – she sounded great! I commented on her blogs and told her how much I admired her for documenting her journey and having the strength to take the journey in the first time. She wrote a blog post on me not far after, saying that we would never have talked without her sobriety blog (true) and she thought we could be friends. I thought we could too. But that never happened. She seemed like such a cool person. I wish we did become friends. I still follow her on social media – she seems happy.

Tangential rant: Now, tumblr is all about fandom and reblogs and nothing is original or personal. There are even “fandoms” popularizing and glamorizing sexual assault, victimization, self-harm, and suicidal thoughts. It’s a toxic place. I hate tumblr.

U. Brendon Urban – He was my news editor sophomore year of high school. He was nice. That’s about it.

V.  Vickie Choin РShe graduated earlier and went to college to learn how to professionally play the organ. Pretty awesome.

W. Jake Wagner – He was the “boy-next-door” everyone wanted to date in middle school and high school. In middle school, he told everyone he’s not dating until high school. I had a major crush. In high school, he dated a girl from his church that is the closest any living being could get to dating Taylor Swift. I swear, they were twins. The week he got his license, he get 3 tickets at once for speeding, having too many passengers, and not wearing a seat belt. They broke up and now he has a beard and has faded into oblivion. He brought light sabers to school a couple times.

X. Dom Xavier Blake – still don’t know him.

Y. Tarun Yandamuri – Tarun was a sweetie. A smart sweetie. A class clown. That’s all I got.

Z. Zach Polentini – We were solid acquaintances in theatre. I played his mother in Into the Woods (Jack, Jack’s mother). He was extremely overweight and then his senior year, he became a fitness blogger & lost a ton of weight and gained a ton of muscle and I think he’s living a nice hipster life out there somewhere. I haven’t even seen him on social media since high school.

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