Adult Life

I am exhausted, but so happy, so excited, so at peace.

I woke up at 7:45 to go to Cory’s 9 am tournament game an hour away. Me and Dad had some great conversations. I got on his work laptop and helped him approve payroll. He made me feel better about 2 summers ago – Myrtle Beach – where I felt a little betrayed by my family. He explained things in a logical, but gentle way that made me realize I wasn’t betrayed at all – it was just a tough situation to understand. I love my dad so much. I feel like we’re growing closer all the time. I can tell that he’s getting nervous about how serious me and Anthony are – it’s very sweet. He likes when Anthony comes to the door, says hi and bye, etc. Me and Anthony were supposed to choreograph at the park district studio today. When I figured out it was $35 an hour, Dad helped me brainstorm backup plans and let me use his speaker.

Soon after we got home from the game, me and Anthony headed over to the Talamore club house because it has a little mirror in the workout room. It’s a community workout room, so there were people. We stretched outside the room laughing and joking and singing until the people came out. Then we headed in, moved the free weight bench thing, and worked for two and a half hours to choreograph four 8-counts. It was fantastic. I loved it. It was a blast. The greatest thing – Anthony has REAL pop potential. He’s a star salsa dancer. I’ve known he’s strong enough to do cool lifts. We’ve done some cool swing moves at dances. See the air we got:


He lifts me all the way up to his shoulders. I’m not good at jumping. That air is 95% his strength. The second one is Anthony doing a martial arts kick. THAT AIR THOUGH.

He was a little clumsy at the beginning, which I expected, but I know him. I helped him loosen up – get out of his head a little. Then HE started choreographing when I screwed up and skipped some lyrics. He came in CLUTCH and his leadership SHONE and his movements became so fluid, natural, confident. He asked me why he kept saying we’re awesome and I kept saying we’re silly. He asked if I didn’t think we’re awesome. Truth is, we’re silly for trying so hard to be so awesome. We are attempting to be as cool as PROFESSIONAL choreographers. That’s the bar we’ve set. But the crazy thing is… I think we have REAL POTENTIAL to create something AWESOME. I’m not saying we’re as good as the professionals, but the silly thing is that I really think we can reach past silly and be AWESOME for the amateurs we are. He has NEVER done choreography before… he’s never been TAUGHT choreography before… well, outside of Irish dance when he was a kid. This is hip hop choreo. Not the same.

To see the amazing, incredible, fantastic humans who inspire me and Anthony to try to be cool, look up Keone and Mari Madrid. They’re wildly successful choreographers. They’re absolutely amazing. Their choreography is skilled and completely appropriate, funky and fresh and fun. They choreograph hip hop dances not just to hip hop music, but also random stuff like pop songs and music that sounds like it’s from the 40s and pop and even choreographed to an instrumental movie score once! My favorite is “Happy.”

After 2.5 hours, we stopped at home so I could change, and headed to Einstein’s – which closes at freakin’ 3:00 P.M. IN HUNTLEY WHICH IS DUMB (it closes at 9 pm at Notre Dame) so we went to Panera, had a beautiful, ready lunch and I walked him through the budget I created last night.

I love budgeting. I’ve been budgeting since I was in elementary school, trying to send my Neopet to college (online kids game circa 2005). Mom’s a CPA. She showed me excel at a young age. I’ve been keeping an expenses/revenues budget since I got my first job at Shoe Carnival, Inc. at 17. I started a new, better budget when I started my internship at KPMG this last summer. At the end of the semester, I updated my budget. I’m not good at following my budget because since college started, I only update it every 5 months. That’s not good. This time, it’s different. I’m expanding my budget to create an account and a limit for every foreseeable need. It’s fantastic. Then I extrapolated years into the future. It was so fun. I’m so proud of it.

Screen Shot 2016-12-27 at 12.18.25 AM.png

The above is not the final table – but it’s one of several I made that follow the same thought process. It sets up my life with my student loans paid off in my first year of work at the big 4, my half of the $300k Notre Dame liability paid off in the next 4 years of working at KPMG, and then going to 6 years of grad school before landing a professorship. It’s built on EXTREMELY conservative financial assumptions until grad school… because getting into grad school at all will be rough. I gotta try though… I gotta try. The blue is Anthony 🙂 My table isn’t very easy to follow. It’s not super consistent, but it’s a spilling of my mind into a set of estimates. My estimates include being married on 10/10/2020, for obvious reasons (awesome number combo). Me and Anthony move into an luxury $1300 per month apartment in Algonquin on the river with a heated, indoor garage so we never have to chip off ice and snow.

We spent hours at Panera going over this budget, looking up tax calculators and trying to figure out how much Anthony has to pay on his capital gains (he’s good at the stock market). Then we returned a $20 book light I stupidly bought from best buy and he browsed tech as we talked about whether or not it’s ok to have babies/little kids in apartments. Then we went to Barnes and Noble to return Not Dead Yet, Phil Collins’s hilariously titled autobiography that I accidentally bought for mom after I took the copy she bought for herself in order to wrap it for her for Christmas. We stayed there ’til close looking up apartments and townhomes in the area $1800 and under, debating the pros and cons of townhomes vs. apartments, renting vs. owning, bedrooms vs. overall square footage, etc. It was absolutely amazing. I love everything about our relationship. I love who we are separately. I love who we are together. I love our priorities and how we look at life.

It gets better – we drove by 3 prospective future homes: the apartments for our first 4 years of marriage, two townhomes for sale in our estimated price range that we estimate we’ll get 9 years from now… Yeah, we’re crazy. lol

We also looked up Corgi breeders within 250 miles. We know what our first dog is going to be. It’s going to be a multicolor Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Rasmo Skim. One day when we went to Conscious Cup, I ordered a Raspberry Mocha with Skim Milk. This was the shorthand:


It sounds like a rapper name so it’s hilarious. Look at these adorable pictures of future Rasmo Skim.

It was a wonderful day.

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