I’m an Artist?

I officially have a little online shop where people can buy my art – if photography is art (photography IS art, I’m just undercutting the idea that I might be an artist). The site is made through Red Bubble, which is a company I’ve bought from several times and absolutely love. It’s the most amazing forum for independent artists. You upload an image, and that image can be bought on several products like mugs, clocks, clothes, phone cases, laptop cases, greeting cards, notebooks, journals, tote bags, drawstrings, etc. It’s awesome. The issues come along with people making fan art, which is technically illegal because they don’t have the rights. In fact, the Pokemon company majorly sued Red Bubble because of the TONS of money they make on fan-created, illegally-sold Pokemon art. I’ve bought fan-created Disney stuff AND Pokemon stuff because it’s awesome. I learned about the site through my friend Abby who made a FANTASTIC and fun PFresh logo which I bought on a crewneck sweater, a mug, and a drawstring bag. Below is a picture of my body in the sweater (I specify because you can’t see my face).


I’ve been taking photos of stuff in artsy angles since I got my first camera phone. I have an album of artsy photos from my first camera phone. In my photos, Apple saves pretty much every photo I’ve taken since I got my first iPod touch. I used some of those cool photos and uploaded them in my little shop. This is the way it works: Red Bubble has their own cost that they place on each of the items, then the artists has the option to choose the markup percentage on each item. It starts at 20% but you can hike it up or drop it down as you like. I haven’t sold anything – not really expecting to sell anything – but I’ve gotten views! That’s fun in itself. Getting a Red Bubble account is totally free, so this is super cool. It’s more of a, why not? Below are some of the products I’m currently offering and some image previews you click on to see that image’s available products. The Christmas tree is our tree last year and I’m definitely buying a shirt with the tree on it for next year’s Christmas. The rainbow thing is a picture I took in high school of a reflective folder I had. There were creases in it, so I titled the piece “Life in Creases” without even realizing the “increases” level! I was amused and excited about it.



The site also lets you privately upload images if you just want one of your photos on an item for yourself. I uploaded a couple photos of the dogs my family’s had in the past. On the left is Alaska, a mutt Dad got from a shelter. The vet said she was part wolf. She was an excellent dog, though. When I was little, she liked watching over me. I think of her as my “Nana” like the dog from Peter Pan. Nestle was the next dog of ours that passed, but I haven’t found a good photo yet. On the right is Mavvy, she’s Kodiak and Nestle’s offspring  who got bone cancer and died when she was 2 or 3. She was my dog, despite the fact that Cory named her after the Mavericks for the ONE YEAR he liked them. I would let her upstairs when she wasn’t really supposed to. I brought her upstairs sometimes. I would pet her a lot. I may have taken her on walks too, but I’m not sure. She had the sweetness and strength of a german shepherd and the fluffy, soft coat of a husky. I miss her.


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