Ted, Marshall, and Lily

Me, Anthony, and Jake all hung out together – FINALLY. I’ve been telling them FOREVER that we all need to hangout. I’ve been close with Jake for about 5 years. Me and Anthony knew each other in high school but we weren’t close. We’ve talked every day since June 10th, 2015 (so about a year and a half). These are the two non-related people who know me better than anyone on this planet. The only people who know me better than I know myself. Two of the handful of people I can be truly 100% myself with (sorry for ending in a preposition). The two of them were “eh” about hanging out, even though they chilled in high school kind of a lot after I graduated, and both of them didn’t really realize they had been friends. I’ve been talking to Jake about Anthony and Anthony about Jake. They’re both the same age (2 years younger than me).  They both did this weird “Huh, yeah me and Jake actually used to hangout. We got along really well.”

Anthony is my best friend and the love of my life, and Jake was my first deeply intellectual friend and is my next best friend after Anthony. (Emmy’s my best cousin, then my other best friends are Colleen, Aimee, and Taryn) They thought it’d be best to hangout as bros or whatever before all three of us hungout. Then Jake texted me a bunch of super happy excited texts about how great it was to hangout with Anthony and basically how he felt like instant best friends. Anthony expressed a similar amount of excitement. When I wasn’t there, they talked about how I totally changed both of their lives for the better – that I’m the reason why they are who they are today. Never has my head been bigger! Because I’m happy to buy into that, I’ll say that it was freaking awesome to hangout with the two people I grew. I grew them. Like plants. They both say they’re so much happier now. I’ve helped them unlock their skills. I’ve pushed them to strive to reach their greater potential. Like plants, I grew them. Ok, I’m done bragging.

We were at Ethereal for a while, then D.C. Cobb’s, both in Woodstock Square.

We talked about Atlas Shrugged – about politics and the economy and social justice. We talked about our lives and writing and games. Jake noticed and pointed out that every time one of us went to the bathroom, we reverted back to the way we act one-on-one. It was so interesting. It was so great that the two of them could BE THEMSELVES RIGHT AWAY, not only with each other, but in a group. They’re both pretty guarded with most people.

I thought a lot about voices. I’m always analyzing Anthony’s voice because his level of confidence is portrayed by how low his voice is (an oversimplification, but a good rule of thumb). I’ve always said “dude” all the time with Jake and my voice gets super low. With Anthony, I switch between power voice (low) and super cutesy voice (super high). It was interesting to listen to my own voice change, trying to interact in this new social environment made up of two distinct environments.

The coolest part was that we all seemed like we were all 3 best friends forever. We interacted so naturally. The two guys poked fun at me and it didn’t feel like they were ganging up on me or making fun of me. Everyone was confident and secure and intelligent. (I hate dealing with cripplingly insecure people (everyone’s insecure to a point, but my point is that I appreciated the confident vibe))

It was just so fun and intellectually interesting the whole time.

When Anthony was in the bathroom, I told Jake, “This is going so well and it’s been so fun that I’m being careful not to push it. So this is me not pushing it.” Obviously, pushing it. Then when all 3 of us were leaving D.C. Cobb’s, Jake was like “You guys don’t go back to school for a while, do you wanna do this again? Because this has been awesome.” Which we all were like yeah! And then near the car, Anthony’s like “I’m expanding my academic cabinet!” Which is his nerdy political/academic way to say “All 3 of us are clearly going to be best friends.”

It was a blast. Me and Anthony are Marshall (goofy and grad school) and Lily (small and spunky and, with Marshall), and Jake is Ted (single and a little pretentious (Jake’s a hipster) and inwardly philosophical (Jake’s obsessed with the conscious mind)). We just need to help find him his Robin!!! I’m so excited!

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