My Family Tree

Dad’s side of the family

Dad grew up pretty poor. It’s an important part of his identity. He’s come a long way.

Dad’s side has big hearts. They’re crazy. They’re Catholic, but don’t talk about it. They love beer, hunting, and fishing. The uncles are crazy – they eat bugs. They tell the same jokes over and over – especially one about farts. When someone farts, they put their thumb on the top of their head. Once someone sees that they’ve done this, they silently put their thumb on top of their head. The last person in the room to put their thumb on their head eats the fart haha.

Starts with Great Pop and Great Grandma, who I am happy to say I remember pretty well. Great Pop gave wet kisses on the lips (which I tried very hard to forget) and gave us $2 bills. I remember their house very well because Christmas used to be there. There are a ton of cousins in this family which are still alive. Our Great Great Great Aunt Mary passed in December. She had a big, beautiful family with a ton of cousins who we were all too nervous to talk to (but I kinda wish we would have mingled. The grandkids our age didn’t seem very friendly, though. So I was nervous they would think I was weird. I’m regretting it now). There’s a lot of craziness that goes on with age. Great Grandma had my Grandma Lynn at 16 years old, and Grandma Lynn had my dad at 17 years old. The sibling of my Grandma Lynn are actually my Great Uncles, but you’ll see below that they just say “Uncle.” Their ages aren’t far from my Dad’s ages. Uncle Bob is only 3 years older than him. Their kids are close in age to me. Alana is my Dad’s cousin, and she’s a couple years younger than me.

Everything should be in order of age from oldest to youngest.

  • Great Pop
    • Married: Great Grandma
      • Grandma Lynn (planned)
        • Married: My Dad’s dad (he left early on ugly terms – we don’t call him grandpa)
          • My Dad, Alan Knipp
            • Married: AnnMarie Weaver
              • Me, Ashley Lynn Knipp
              • Cory Alan Knipp
          • Aunt Lisa
            • Married: Uncle Mike
              • Twins: Emily Rose Barron & Jason (Emily’s twin who passed 6 months after birth)
              • Twins: Zackary Michael Barron & Benjamin Michael Barron
              • Molly Rose Barron
          • Aunt Laura
            • Divorced: Uncle Jeff, who was weird
            • Married: Uncle Scott
              • Lyla Weil
              • Twins: Violet and Scarlett
      • Aunt Judy (planned)
      • Uncle Jim Johnsen
        • Married: Aunt Ruth
          • Tessa
            • Married: Joe
              • Lucy (just hit kindergarten)
              • June
              • Eva
          • Jesse
      • Uncle Steve Johnsen
      • Uncle Mark Johnsen
        • Married: Aunt Bernie
          • Erik
            • Engaged to: Katie
          • Jake
          • Alana
      • Uncle Bob Johnsen (only 3 years older than Dad)
        • has been dating Cindy for years, but she doesn’t come around anymore. She has two kids: Christian and Miranda.

Mom’s side

Mom grew up pretty poor, too. It’s an important part of her identity. She’s come a long way.

I love my Mom’s side so much. The Weavers are crazy. They’re full of love. They’re communicators, story tellers. They’re dramatic, emotional. They’re full of faith – very religious. There are a million stories to tell with the Weavers, so I’m just going to save that for later posts.

This will start with Pop and Grandma, though I knew my Great Grandma Burke well (my Grandma’s mother). Pop was born into a very big, very poor family who lived in Chicago with a drunk, abusive father. Pop doesn’t talk to his siblings – it seems to be a sore spot. We don’t talk about it much. Grandma was born into a poor family. She was sent to live at her grandma’s (I think) for years. Her siblings grew up in an orphanage. She stays pretty close with those siblings, though most of them (all of them?) are half-siblings. Uncle Art spent his whole life in the orphanage. Grandma Burke didn’t have enough money to support the kids she had. I think she adopted back some of her kids. We keep close with Uncle Art who is married to Aunt Debby and had Tim and Neal.

But, we’ll start with Pop and Grandma.

  • Pop
  • Grandma
    • Uncle Jeff Weaver
      • Married: Aunt Caroline
        • Jeffrey
        • Daniel
        • David
        • Nicholas (his birthday is Christmas Eve)
    • Aunt Theresa
      • Divorced: Uncle Gary McDonough
        • Michelle
        • Ryan
        • Amy
        • Todd
        • Scott
        • Eric
    • Aunt Lynn
      • Married/Separated: Uncle Dean Anderson
        • Luke
        • Heather
        • Amber
    • Aunt Donna
      • Married: Uncle Brian Harrington (they were dating since high school)
        • Christopher
          • Married: Erika
            • Enya (I think she’s 5)
            • Liam
        • Kolie (Nicole)
          • Married: Kyle Braun
            • Magdalena (Maggie – I think she’s in 1st or 2nd grade now)
            • Penelope (Penny)
            • Emma
        • Brionna
          • Practically engaged to: Jared (he doesn’t say much)
    • Mom’s the baby
      • Me, Ashley Lynn Knipp
      • Cory Alan Knipp

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