Essay: Chocolatey Closure

Remember in an earlier post how I talked about Amitava Dutt’s class, “Economics of Happiness?” Well I JUST gave him the tickets he pre-ordered for the movie at DPAC tonight (I’m at work typing on the computer – this literally happened a minute ago). I said, “Here you go, Professor!” And he said “How do you know I’m a professor?” And I said, smiling, “I took your class freshman year! ‘Economics of Happiness.” He said, “Well, you look happy!”

We continued to chat and he said, “Oh! You wrote the chocolate essay!” and I was so happy he remembered! It turns out that he actually tells people about that essay! We exchanged pleasant “Nice to see you again”s and I may never see him again!

Made my day.

Also, totally makes up for the fact that I cried in front of him one time as a silly freshman during his office hours. It’s so great that he remembers me by the chocolate essay instead of that day! haha


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