Rant About Jenkins


Never Written – Update May 1st, 2018:

Long story short… Father John Jenkins was the university’s president throughout my 4 years at ND. A lot of people thought he wasn’t a very good president. There was a twitter called “Father Dankins” – several people, including me, called him “Johnny J.” I know that this seems wrong because he’s a priest, and you’ve got a point, but he got a reputation of being a very “corporate” priest. He made a lot of decisions that made it seem like ND only cared about how much money it made. He buddied up to Vice President Pence (*gag*), allegedly because of the prestige. He did not have a reputation for talking to students much. He wasn’t very personable. His speeches seemed to be very vague in order to keep the peace among divided audiences.

Maybe it was all undeserved. His corporate decisions seem to be making the university bigger and better, Pence was the governor of Indiana and he’s very Christian – so there is technically a good argument for him being the commencement speaker, and he just can’t measure up to the incredible Father Hesburgh or Father “Monk” Malloy.


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